21 nov. 2008

Peine de coeur.

I'm waiting for a revelation
I'm waiting for someone to count me in
Slipped away from your open hands
Into the river
You don't see yourself in the freeze frame
Must be someone else using your name
In one afternoon what are going to do?
I hang on your words but there's nothing new
As the needle slips into the run-out groove
Love - maybe you'll feel it too
But you're moving with such irresistible speed
You don't see me
Well was it just a dream, just a dream?
Because it was real to me
But I'm not listening
I'm not taking it in
And love is just our way of looking out for ourselves
When we don't want to live alone
The molecules of us
Bleeding into one again
Oh, love is the end
So let's not pretend, because love is the end.

Valina Photography.